Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Some jobs just suck.

Dead Nazis shouldn't work in kennels. Too many fences, and too many flies. At least there wasn't barbed wire.

A bad job is just a bad job. Some lessons endure.


  1. I don`t know what Kennels is, but where should dead nazis work?

  2. Kennels are places where rich peoples leave their dogs and cats when they go on vacations and things.

    As for where dead nazis should work... well, I'll let you know when I'm not unemployed. But I suspect that they ought to make video games.

  3. Ahh... i know what Kennels are then, for me it seems a nice place, i would like to work there.
    And i wouldn`t like to work making video-games...i need something more exciting and bohemian. Like... i don`t know, musician.

  4. If you've never been to a Camp, it'd probably be okay. Or if you're "yep! Still a Fascist!" I think it'd be quite homey.

    But I have this... flies phobia.

    And general aversion to excreta. And fences. And... yeah.

    I'd be a poet, but apparently I don't like starving anymore.

  5. In a camp in this life? err, no, i`m in the city. In the past? yes... meh, i guess somehow i liked it if i like kennels.

  6. admittedly, starving artist, poet, and/or musician seems to be a popular occupation for many dead nazis.