Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If you build it.

Ok, so this isn't really /my/ sarcasms, so don't take the tag as that I am being this time sarcastic. But rather Zbignew Liberia's sacrasms, more, and his Lego Concentration Camps that pissed everyone off a while back. As you can see below.

Personally, I like what he was doing and trying to say. It's the bitter lulz, and we at deadnazi.blog love the bitter lulz. We snuggle them and takes them to tea. And we would like to buy this clever Polack a nice cup of tea. For coolty. And lulz.

So... what really annoys me is all the negative flack this guy got for his artz. I mean... holy luftwaffles people, ease up on the literality and ask why it disturbs you, before you fly off the rutting handle.

Mien Gott, for fuck's sake.


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