Sunday, January 13, 2008

Phone conversation:

Dramatis Personae:
-Gestapo Jones (Who wants to be called Johan Gasmask now sometime. So, JG instead of GJ? Whichever.)
-JG's (GJ's) Mother. (No lines. Was just on the other end of the phone)
-KH-- Das Kainenchen. That is, myself.

JG: (In reference to a set of knives sent by the Mother) Yep, the Germans make a good knife. Nothing like the Germans for implements of doom.
Mother: *speaks*
JG: Yes, or the Japanese. Kind of makes you wonder why they lost the war.
KH: Poor trains management.
JG: Also, putting all their skill points in knives making.
KH: Yes, poor skill allotment is a problem. Also, wasting resources on clearing mobs for no XP, when they should have been killing something that would get them some level.
Mother: *has decided that we Has Problems*

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