Thursday, June 25, 2009

Begin the Lolocaust.

So you know, if I was making a Time-Travel-Romantic-Wtf? movie about the Holocaust, I would totally cast Britney Spears as the female protagonist.

You know, for the lulz.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Somewheres over the rainbow...

There's lolz, then there's laughing at other people's stupidity.

I believe in the invisible pink nazi unicorn.

Oh shit, now the secret is out. The SS?

Totally shit outta clouds by pink nazi unicorns. The faerie farts of the SA.

This is undoubtedly Ernst Rhoem's revenge.

I miss Rhoem. He threw the best parties.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

U can tell by teh pixelz....

From just about everywhere:

Mmm, tastes like clone tool. Now this right here? This is some LULZ. One way or the other. I guess they couldn't figure out cropping, but they had all this clone tool there. And a touch of blur. Either way-- I mean, whether there's an innocent explanation or not-- That's some funny shit right thar.

Also, Spread the knowingz.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

At the Risk of Godwinning a Movement...

So if you're online at all, you probably know about what goes on in Iran, right as we speak and for the last few days. Please to be forgiving the Kainenchen for being a bit behind on this one-- the politikkks, in any real way, we usually leave to others, of a more legitimate and less lulzy nature.

That said, there comes a time when even the lulziest among us must learn to turn our laughter in the proper directions, and back it up with Ways You Too Can Help!

Set up a proxy server for Iranians-- using squid! Here find some happy instructions for doing these things! Ways techy folks can help out. From Our Best Friends. Also a good source for pictures and video.
Best practices for those outside Iran wanting to help!-- general guidelines and the like.
Follow @ProtesterHelp on twitter. From there, you can probably find the other good folx to follow.

Also, because we cannot do these things without some awesomeness and lolz...

Grand Ayatollah Husayn Ali Montazeri tells the Iranian army and police that "I was just following orders" will not cut it with Allah. Iran election/revolt thread, Part IX

Good Karma to @SeanPercival for teh lolz.

This has been your dead little voice in the dead little darkness, nothin' but love for my Persian Homies. Peace.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i got nuttin.

Life has been short on lulz lately, I know. This is sad. There is only one solution:

Godwin Everything.

For great lolz.