Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Horst Wessel <3 U.

I mean, ok. Zero Punctuation is always fabulous.

This, however, warms my little dead nazi heart.



p.s. -- I was trying to use scribefire to post this, but it doesn't seem to work. Hm.
Will not make any bad nazi extermination jokes, no.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Had a dream last night. I was in WWIII. And there were NSDP running around again, bombing houses with indie band girls in them. And for once, I was on the good side.

You know. The one having bombs dropped on me.

This probably comes from watching too much Schindler's List before bedtime.

Am I the only one who thinks that Oskar Schindler is one of the sexiest, most sinister and bad-ass names ever?

Well, apart from H/T.


P.S. (So this is what I missed not being stationed at Auschwitz. lol.)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dingo's Kidneys.

I should not read the claims of Holocaust Revisionists. I should not read refutations of holocaust revisionists. I would link this stuff, but you can find most of it on wikipedia. Well, there's the Nikzor project, but anyway, it only does a very half-assed job at contradicting the claims, which probably stems from the fact that if you immerse yourself in shit, pretty soon the shit will come spurting out of your mouth. That is to say: when trying to objectively combat an example of really bad research and really bad argument over a long period of time, one can certainly become confused enough by it that one forgets how to do so effectively.

I should quote specific examples, but to do so would be fraught. Besides, improving on nikzor's job isn't my intent right now.

No, I was feeling bad for David Irving, spending time in prison for being a holocaust denier. While it seems clear that, as most holocaust deniers, his beliefs are fueled either by antisemitism, comfortable paranoia, or both, it seems to me that to throw the man in jail-- to oppress him and to persecute him for his beliefs, no matter how much they are a bunch of dingo's kidneys, gives credence to the latter. It's such a nice feeling, when you think you're right about a controversial topic, to have people try to silence you by putting you behind bars, and by the passing of laws that make it illegal to even talk about the noise. That is to say-- to be vindicated through oppression. Christ sandwiches.

Still, even though I don't think he ought to have been imprisoned, doesn't mean I ought to have gone and trolled the fellow's website. His Hitler obsession mirrors that some people give Napoleon, and, well, mine, when I was a very small dead nazi.

Aside from the whatevers, I found this link about Hitler's dental troubles especially good for a giggle.

I mean, I can relate.

Spoke to a dead not-nazi a couple of days ago, and feel very odd about the whole thing. It went to thinking and talking alot about the current American situation in ways would get one godwin'd on pretty much any blog ever, but. Anyway. I want to claim that I didn't know so much about the atrocities going on, that certain important people didn't know, that it wasn't as enormously huge a part of the agenda... but that's clearly not true. If my ignorance was so complete, then there would have been something left in me to prevent things like Breslau.

I stop here to prevent myself saying some very mean things about large groups of people.

I want to go burn a city now. I think I'll go pet one of the kitties instead.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I think Hermann got killed by Tyrone Power. I'm not entirely upset by this. Though in some respects there's not much difference. They both like good food and like to dress up in excessive costumes. They both drink every drop of liquor in the house and tear through a bottle of wine in nothing flat.

I wish I had a bottle of wine.

God, I want a bottle of wine.

Bordeaux? It doesn't even have to be prewar...

Like I or anyone make that kind of money these days...