Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pointy pointy point.

So I was going on the rant of how, when I was a very young Kainenchen, I looked awfully like a communist because I believed in workers working for the government, and the government insuring the well being of workers. This being because workers striking are bad for the country. And because companies exploiting workers are bad for the country. And ultimately, it is the country, the Nation, and it's well being which matters.

At which point I remembered the sudden and disturbing shock with which i remembered about the main of the camps being forced labour camps. Well, when they're political prisoners, and when they are prisoners at all, it makes sense, let them work. But it occurred to me, it was essentially slave labour. So so.

I finally remembered the point I wanted to make. The thing that bothers me about Holocaust revisionists, wanting to shrink the numbers of dead Jews and all of that. Ok, so the Jews weren't being killed out of hand. They were still being put in-- as the majority were, let me repeat-- labour camps. Which is even LESS acceptable to an American mind than outright murder. This country hates Slavery more than anything, murder, I think, is FAR more acceptable. So revisionists, you're still fucked in the goat ass.

Cry moar, and try again.

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