Thursday, January 10, 2008

Leftist claptrap.

Like I consider sites like unbiased. Still, this is a matter of consternation, especially when combined with this.

And This jawing about things like this, which certaily looks wholesome on paper.

If I were a paranoiac, I would be jawing too, about what we'll say when they ask us again, how we could let Those Atrocities happen, and Didn't We See it Coming?

As it isn't like I haven't had some time to consider these questions.

Me, I was too busy running a Gau. And a Siege, eventually. See, the military is straightforward and simple like that. Do this, don't do that, attack, defend-- morally, it all gets whitewashed under the heading of WAR. But I digress. This has no lulz.

Except the patronising sort one gives to paranoid conspiracy theorists with so much time on their hands they freak out over every shifty little thing. Yeah, we laughs at them.


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