Wednesday, January 9, 2008


No wonder the SS uniforms were so damn sexy.

They were apparently designed by Hugo Boss.


(though yeah, they did get pretty hot and itchy sometimes. It's true.)

Thanks again,, for teh lulz!


P.S. for more reducto ad Hitlerium lulzery, check this action out. Seimens I can't really fault, admittedly. They were a nazi company to the hilt. So... yeah. Still slugging at them seems to me like still blaming the Germans. *snuzzles the old homestead*.

Though seriously, their international departments ought to have had some idea how well 'zyklon' would go over as a product name outside of the German speaking countries.

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  1. Hugo Boss. Figures. So I can claim that I once owned a Hugo Boss outfit. Just don't ask what lifetime.