Thursday, August 20, 2009

On youtube, everyone can hear you godwin.

So you've probably all seen This story, by now. But let's go forward a moment, to a video:

And some commentary that says it far, far better than I ever could:

Wanting to overhaul our completely fucked up health care system is not. the. mother. fucking. same. fucking. thing. as. Nazism.

Fucking. Hell.

You may think because World War II ended 60 years ago that your slinging the term "Nazi" around like a goddamned tether ball won't hurt anybody but, maybe, a few decrepit veterans and Holocaust survivors, who aren't paying attention, anyway. You fail to realize that the descendants of these veterans and survivors (and the descendants of the millions of non-Jews the Nazis murdered) are countless. We are part of this debate too, and we are listening to you as you pout and scream and wave your little posters. Some of us were probably even in that same hall as you when Barney Frank asked you what planet you came from. In fact, one was. Frank himself is Jewish. And if you think that misusing a term like Nazi in front of him didn't affect him, think fucking again.

Indeed. What planet are you from where you can afford to be so blisteringly ignorant about a war that is still very much affecting not only survivors and their descendants, but world politics? What planet are you from where it is acceptable to take a specific and very, very loaded term like "Nazi" and twist it to mean "someone we don't like." What gives you the right to do that with equally specific and loaded terms like "fascist" and "communist" and "Bolshevik?" (Not that I hear the last one so much, given that you probably wouldn't know how to pronounce it).

That right there? That's what I'm fucking talking about. And for those derailing the um... necessary and important conversation about health care with accusations of nazi-ism like it has shit to do with shit:

Barney Frank FTW.