Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Very Auschwitz Christmas

So, here is the entire photo album that goes with the article I linked in the postscript here. It's worth it for the Auschwitz Christmas tree, which the owner of the album is lighting.

Also, I figured out why I hated my 7th grade lit teacher so much, on first sight.

He looks exactly like Josef Mengele, especially in this picture.

Forgive the remote link, but it's just so creepy.


(p.s. No mother, I don't want a Hitler action figure for Christmas. Or Hanukkah. Nien.)

(p.p.s. For some reason, if the above album link doesn't work, try this one, and there's a link on the sidebar to view the album.)


  1. I got a Hitler figure but for my birthday.
    And what do you have against Mengele, ugh?

  2. See, that's a complicated question right now, though I suppose it wouldn't have been at the time. Or maybe it would have.

    Let's just say, he gave me nightmares.

    I wouldn't say no to a Goering figure, however. He's just a big snuggly bundle of luv.