Wednesday, November 14, 2007

People wanna know who we are so we tell them...

I'm finding that I need to revise some of my theories about dead nazis as recorded in the dead nazi faq. For starters, I begin to think that dead nazis are generally reborn as young queerlings in the realm of human beings. I think the degree of difficulty they have with their queerness is related to karma. I say this because it seems most of the dead nazis I know are... well, oddly like me.

Or else they're genderfucked straight girls. Or Bi girls. Or hardcore trans queerbois. We're mostly (physically) girls now. Odd little genderqueer girls.

There is a time I would have found this disappointing. Like there ought to have been a more distinct justice, this time around.

But I should have remembered that justice is a subtle bitch, as is Karma, and Irony, and we likes it like that.


  1. yep, those are the facts
    * Most dead nazis are tomboy girls (straight)
    * Dead nazi boys are normal, with no gender issues.
    * Nazifetichist obsessed with the "hotness" of nazis were probably german women back then.
    * Most dead nazis are in America

  2. my assumption is that most of the higher echelon would be the current-girls, in that case, and if one is re-born as a boy either one really didn't want to be a male then, or didn't really do anything that awful.

    Unless of course one has some other really awful and screwed up issue, that just happens to be unrelated to gender, as one's proper karmic nippletwist.

    (The fetishists could also be any of the numerous German Queerboys running around at the time, esp. in Berlin, or like... Ernst Roehm.)