Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ja Whol, mien Führer.

Almost every dead nazi I know has gone through some period of thinking/fearing that they, in fact, might be Dead!Hitler. Yes, even das Kainenchen, although I was... eight? Something like that, at the time.

Anyway. Hitler is one of those lives that for anyone to claim would be... well, a one-way ticket to the land of the crazyfuck. That said, I think there's still some speculation about who, in this current time, had the misfortune of having der Führer's karma.

My guess is immortalised below:

Let's face it-- He's led a life of glory and trauma, he's been a little kid his whole life, and really, he'd be great at the job.

Just a suggestion.

(eta: honestly, could also be Mussolini. Srsly.)


  1. I never really suspected I could have been Hitler. Although i suspected I could have been Himmler, until i realized it made no sense.

  2. I never thought I might have been Himmler, Goering, or Gobbels. I suspected Rudolph Hess for a while, but really, I'm just fond of him.