Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Catholic Pants Command Me.

Today I did something I don't usually do, feeling very lulz deprived, and I googled 'nazis', to see what turned up.

It seems that reductio ad Hitlerium is everywhere. People all the time be trying to associate everything they don't like with Hitler and the Nazis (Much like ol' Darling Adolphe did with the Jews, but OOH LOOK MOM, an IRONY!). This includes the Athiests!

Because OH NOES, the NAZIS were CHRISTIANS A LOT, and so CHRISTIANS (esp. Catholics) HAS A BAD!

The best part being the very first image:

ZOMG, Hitler Haz a WHIP! Clearly, the thinks he's Jesus mit der moneylenders. Because you know who the moneylenders are? That's right, JEWS! ZOMG ZOMG!11!!1one!

And LOOK! We haz a further proof:

Admittedly, the site in question doesn't draw any conclusions, but leaves you to draw your own. I've drawn mine all right. On my etch-a-sketch. Whee!

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