Sunday, July 6, 2008

Um... we needed a football?

Boy, the hits just keep on comin' today.

BERLIN (Reuters) - A man tore the head from a controversial waxwork figure of Adolf Hitler on the opening day of Berlin's Madame Tussauds museum on Saturday, police said.

Just minutes after the museum opened, the 41-year-old German man pushed aside two security men guarding the exhibit.

"Then he went over to the figure and ripped off the head," a police spokesman said.

And I was just looking for info on the tropical storm. There kinda had to be one, as we've had nonstop thunderstorms for the past three nights. But anyway, the best line ever:

It is illegal in Germany to show Nazi symbols and art glorifying Hitler and the exhibit was cordoned off to stop visitors posing with him. [Emphasis mine.]

Oh yes. Awesome.

"Hey Hon! Come and get a picture of me and the Boss! I'ma gonna give 'im bunny ears!"

Said Kainenchen.


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