Monday, June 16, 2008

Spin makes the world go round.

Admittedly, I am in a paranoid mood tonight. Watching libertarian documentaries will do that. Also, reading the speeches of Little Joey Gobbels will do that tenfold.

And then seeing news stories like this one just plain give one the jibblies. I rather posted about this Operation Falcon before. The idea of huge coordinated sweeps of people bug me to no end. Call me crazy, even though I know it is supposed to be all on criminals, but I don't really trust anyone, least of all the government that far. And there's something about the way that article is written that screams "SPIN! SPIN! SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND!" to me.

Johan Gasmask is right, and I need to find some nice job doing something that brings actual happiness into the world, and stop worrying about this sort of thing.

Though I had a non-paranoid comment to make, which was about the Joe Louis v. Max Schmeling fight. One knows what it meant to both sides at the time, both the intial fight and the rematch, and I have (in this life) always admired The Brown Bomber a good deal. But it pleases me extremely to know that when Louis fell on hard times later (the result of heinous actions by the IRS), that Schmeling not only helped him out, probably even paid for his some or all of his burial. Considering that he was buried in Arlington, I don't know how much he'd have had to, but seriously, that just warms my heart, right there.

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