Thursday, June 5, 2008

A few words about Irony.

Irony, in my humble, is stronger than the force. It surrounds us and binds us true, though sometimes it binds us in the Great Chain, sometimes in a great big hug, sometimes in a shibari bondage kit with ball gag. I give Karma a certain amount of credit for giving me certain choices and presenting me with situations that I might not otherwise have. But that is one thing. Distinct from Irony. Or the amusing coincidence.

Which is what happens when an ex-girlfriend who works in hollywood FX IMs you to let you know that she is working on the Project Valkyrie movie.

And you think, "Damn, I am probably not in that movie at all." Though other people you know will be.

Yes, those are the moments.


(p.s.-- I am jealous of the fellow who gets to be played by Eddie Izzard. Also, "Angry SS Officer" = BEST ROLE EVAR. I mean... isn't it just so!)

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