Friday, November 16, 2012

Right in the nichtsack.

Today's lolz brought to you by the OXM Breakdown; mostly present for nazi punning and Godwin a-go-go. Now to go crawl into a hole again for the next several months and...

Oh wait, what was that? K, there was an election? Don't I have some sort of quirky, dead nazi comment about the fuckfest of socialist baiting being flung about by hardline nationalists who are so goddamn patriotic and angst ridden about the diversification of the country they live in, that they want to go away and form their own poland nation(s)? Maybe a clever Anschluss pun, or  collection of Godwin references or the like?

No. No I don't. Piss off.

(Okay, post-election Godwin reel might actually be a festive idea. Maybe.)

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