Friday, November 11, 2016

So that happened.

Forgive us, we've been a little under the weather.

I... don't really have words strong enough for what just happened. That it happened in a democracy with checks and balances is good for as long as it lasts. There's plenty of damage that can be done within that framework though. The registration and deportation of undocumented immigrants and muslims, the denial of safe harbor to refugees (who, let's face it, will probably not want to come here now anyway), the end of positive movement on climate change, the return of the nuclear hair trigger. The end of all manner of protections for federal workers. Our trade agreements and allegiances ignored or exploded.

And that's before we get to the legitimization of a bunch of shitty attitudes that look something like this:

And the banalization and broad acceptance of same, which, as I keep saying, looks like this:

At least, in essence. Now, of course, I could be wrong, and exaggerating, and everything could be fine, and no one will get hurt, and no one will get killed. Except it's already started happening, and the only thing that I can think of good to say is that at least it isn't silent- we're hearing about it, and people are fighting it. 

You WANT people to fight it. Oh, there's Trump Supporters saying that people shouldn't protest (including Himself), that people should just roll over and accept and be happy. Of course President Obama is taking it on the chin. He has to. He is the representative of the Republic, and it is his job to make sure the mechanisms of the republic remain intact as long as they are his responsibility, because that is what a good man does. But you want, you need, the rest of us to fight this, to not accept it, to protest and to resist. Because that's what good people do. They don't close their eyes and hope for the best. They don't refuse to see what's happening. They don't deny it when other people are getting killed or rounded up; they keep their eyes open to make sure it doesn't start. 

I mean, I did everything I'm saying good people don't do, once. No more. 

Goosestepping is so over.

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