Wednesday, November 14, 2007

People wanna know who we are so we tell them...

I'm finding that I need to revise some of my theories about dead nazis as recorded in the dead nazi faq. For starters, I begin to think that dead nazis are generally reborn as young queerlings in the realm of human beings. I think the degree of difficulty they have with their queerness is related to karma. I say this because it seems most of the dead nazis I know are... well, oddly like me.

Or else they're genderfucked straight girls. Or Bi girls. Or hardcore trans queerbois. We're mostly (physically) girls now. Odd little genderqueer girls.

There is a time I would have found this disappointing. Like there ought to have been a more distinct justice, this time around.

But I should have remembered that justice is a subtle bitch, as is Karma, and Irony, and we likes it like that.